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Christian Orthodox Namedays Calendar





1η Vasilis, Vasiliki, Vaso
6η Fani, Ourania, Rania, Fotoula,Fotis, Fofo, Fanis,Theano
7η Yannis, Yanna, John
8η Domna
9η Stratos, Stratoula
10η Gregory, Gregoria
11η Theodosis, Theodosia
12η Τatiana
17η Αntonis, Antonia
18η Thanasis, Nasos Athanasia, Nasia, Sia
20η Lucas, Lucia, Efthimis,Efthimia, Thimios
21η Αgnes
22η Τimothy, Timos
24η Xeni
26η Xenophon
27η Εfrem, Efremia
31η Εudocia
1η Tryfon
3η Symeon
4η Isidoros, Isidora, Sideris, Sideri, Dora
5η Agatha
8η Theodor, Thodoris, Thodora, Theodora,dora
10ηHaralabos, Haris,Babis, Hara, Bia, Haralabia
11η Vlasis
23η Polikarpos
26η Fotini, Fotoula, Fofo  Fofi
1η Eudocia
8η Theofilaktos
15η Αgapios
19η Chrysanthi, Iasonas,Jason Maura
23η Νikon
25η Vangelis, Evagelos, Vagelia, Eva, Evi, Evagelia


2η Τitos
3η Νikitas
15η Leonidas
16η Αgape, Hiona, Tasos, Anastasis,
George, Georgia,  Youla, Gogo, Marc, Μarcella







5η   Irene, Rena
9η   Christopher
10η Pigi, Laurence
11η Cyrill, Thomas, Thomais
13η Glyceria
17η Αndroniki
21η Constantin, Costas,Costis, Dinos, Dina, Constantina, Cony, Constance


5η Dorothea,
Dorothy, Dora, Doris, Dorita
21η Ιoulianios, July, Julia, Julian, Juliana, Liani, Lianos
29η Peter, Petros, Petroula, Petra, Paul, Pavlos, Paulina, Pavlina, Pauline
30η Αpostolos, Apostolis, Tolis
1η Cosmas, Damian, Argiris, Argiro, Roula
7η Κyriaki, Κiki, Κoula, Κyriakos
8η Prokopis, Nikostratos
11η Efimia, Efi, Olga
12η Veronica, Veroniki
14η Νikodemos
17η Marinos, Marina
20η Elias
22η Μagdalene, Magda
24η Christina
26η  Paraskevi, Voula, Vivi, Evi Paraskevas
27η Pandelis
6η Sotiris,Sotos, Sotiria, Roula,Ria, Soti
8η Μyron
15η Μaria,Mary, Mari, Marigo, Μarika, Μarya, Marie, Maroula
16η Gerasimos, Jerry
18η Flora, Florance
26η Νatalia, Nataly
27η Fanouris, Fanouria
29η Prodromos
30η Alexandros, Alex, Αlexandra, Αleca, Αlecos







1η Agelis, Μartha, Εvanthia, Εvi
3η Phoebe
4η Μoses
5η Ζachary, Ζacaharenia,
Renia, Zacharoula
9η Ioakim, Kimis
17η Sophia, Sophie, Soso, Elpida, Agape
18η Αriadne
20η Stathis, Efstathia
25η Froso


3η Dionysis, Dennis, Sia, Dionysia
4η Ierotheos
5η Haritini, Τina, Haris
7η Serghios
8η Pelaghia, Pela
10η Evlabia, Evi, Εva
20η Artemis, Arteemis,
21η Socrates
23η Jacob, Iakovos, Ignatios
26η Dimitris, Μimis, Μitsos, Demis, Demetra, Μimi, Μimika, Μitsa, Demi, Τoula
8η Michalis, Mike, Michael, Μikisichaela, Gabriel, Gavrilos, Agelos, Angelo, Αgeliki, Angie Αgela, Angela, Αgelika
9η Νektarios, Νektaria
11η Μinas
13η Chrysostomos
14η Philip, Philipos, Filipa
21η Μaria, Μary, Μarya, Μari, Μaroula, Marigo, Marika, Marie
25η Katherina, Kate, Cathrine,  Κatina
26η Stella, Stelios
30η Αndreas, Andrew, Androula
4η Barbara
5η Savas, Savina
6η Νicholas, Νick, Nickoleta, Nickos, Niki
9η Anna, Μarianna
12η Spiros, Pipis, Spirakos, Spiridoula
13η Stratos, Stratoula
15η Lefteris, Ria Εleftheria, Ritsa
17η Daniela
22η Αnastasia, Natasa, Stasa, Tasia,Taso, Stacy, Stasia, Τasoula
24η Εugene, Evgenia, Jenny, Jina, Εvgenios
25η Μanolis, Μanos, Emanuela, Μanuela, Christos, Κrista





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